When all the f!uck me catch up to you
It was all fun and games until the f!ckening
by Scraggly beard November 6, 2016
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Not typically used alone. It is part of a spoonerism for "what the f*ck is happening" that is used to convey extreme confusion.
by Sonsypants October 2, 2016
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Similar to "The Happening"

Used to humorously describe an event by comparing it to an orgy or gangbang.
'What would you call that last (video game) match against those pros?'
"The F*ckening"
by Dispassionate October 8, 2016
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Usually to imply that a large mass orgy/pillage is about to happen... Such as when everyone on your team decides to die and leaves you alone on the point, the f*ckening will now begin. If you're amazing at vidya games you may want to note that the f*ckening can be the f*ckening you are about to receive, or the f*ckening that you're about to present.
"The f*ckening is about to begin"

a few seconds later...

"double trip quaquintu team kill!"
by PolyjuiceMotion December 1, 2016
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When a wizard engages in sexual intercourse with a female under a green moon to make Dragons
Yesterday, I walked into the forest and witnessed the F*ckening...
by Aberdean Pimpinstein December 1, 2016
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n. A time period and setting in which some fucked up shit just happened, everything currently happening is fucked, and afterwards, everything is going to be fucked.
Beavus: "Hey Butthead, did you hear the orange guy from the comedy central roast is gonna be king of United America? heheheh"
Butthead: "heh, No way thats fucked, and Trump's gonna be our prez."
Beavus: "heheh, Yeah. The F*ckening is upon us. heh. Thats cool."
Butthead: "Ha yeah, now were all fucked, heh, cool."
by hunteroftheonepiece December 15, 2016
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1. A word typically used to refer to a bad situation.
2. When a younger sibling is being punished, often for something you did.
Sometimes associated with reckoning.
"And so descends...the f*ckening."
"The f*ckening begins."
by Lonely But Friendly December 20, 2016
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