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Used in place of saying fuck. F! Is used mostly at school or when with other people (who you don't wish to offend) are near and you can't control yourself.
Driving Instructer:"Shift! Quickly!"
(Car begins rolling back down the road)
Student Driver:"F!"
by RoboChick May 09, 2009
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Adj. - short for 'fuck' but you won't be able to get in trouble for saying it.

Jeff- "ahh, F! I droped my shrimp salad!

Jesse- "F! That sucks man!"
by jesse fall June 09, 2006
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Short for 'Fluffles'
A term used by a small group of 6th form students in Suffolk, England.
The term came from the mocking of one of the members cat, who as you may have guessed is very fluffy.
The word 'Fluffles' is spoken in a high pitched warble that has made it so recognisable.

Since then, the 'Fluffle' warble has evolved into it's own language that follows the rhyme and pattern of the founding word. Such as 'Tuffles, wuffles, puffles etc.
Other common phrases include a shuddering 'Ohhhohohohhh nooonoooo' and 'I loooooove youuuhooo'

What may seem complete jibberish to the outside world has become a part of life for this small community... a 'special' part of life..
F! 1 - "Flufflesssss"
F! 2 - "Fluffle wuffle puffle!"
F! 1 - "Ohhhhohohhhh noooohooooo"
by Mr Ment April 01, 2007
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shortened version of fuck. it's most effective in school so teachers don't know you're actually swearing. learn it. love it.
F! i forgot to do my homework!

"hey are u goin to the concert tonight?"
"F! no.. my parents f'n suck."

by shibster5000 April 16, 2008
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