When a dude pulls out his dick and the girl looks down with her eyes looking down with amazement because his dick is huge
Guy 1 : Dude, last night I banged this one chick and made her eyes drop
Guy 2: Shit dawg, let me see, #nohomo tho
by jefferijeff February 26, 2018
When towards the end of oral fellacio, a man would hold the females eyelids open and ejaculate into the womens eyes. Giving the appearance of having thick eye-drops in her eyes.
Man I gave that girl some mad eye-drops last night, I yelled "don't forget your visine bitch!!
by WeezyWee December 30, 2011
a mix if jizz and tears
When a penis enters the eye of a person giving a bj, resulting in eye drops, and possibly an infection.
by IMDIRTY February 22, 2011
An eye drop is when your pop out the glass eye of the woman you’re making love with and stick it up her anus. You then put your penis in her eye socket and she whistles “Steam Boat Willie”. Afterwards, she poops her eye into your mouth, you swoosh it around and clean it, then spit it into her eye socket.
Last night I eye dropped with Tammy.
by Enema Itchybutt February 5, 2020
While squatting over a ho, or being on top of a ho during 69, and she is in the act of sucking on your nuts, you position your asshole directly between her eyes and fart.
This ho was sucking and nibbling my boys and decided to bite down hard so I gave her a chocolate eye drop.
by J-Pimp from A-town February 4, 2005
When you have a guy cum into eyes as a form of eye drops:
Honey, my eyes are kind of dry. Can you do that Swedish Eye Drops thing?
by Billcosbyeatme September 16, 2017
This occurs when you release a massive amount of sperm into your sexual partner's eye(s).
The Ethiopian Eye Drop gave Mary gonorrhea.
by NickGioMarc August 18, 2007