When you stare so hard at someone that you might as well have been insde them.
Dude, you were totally eye fucking that girl. You're gross.
by poopinawesome March 2, 2011
Making continued awkward eye contact with a person of the opposite sex, sometimes used when checking someone out.

Also acceptable: EF, EF'ing
by Jswis September 13, 2017
When you make eye contact exactly at the same time and you stare for longer than 3 seconds but you have to think of all the dirty things you want to do to that person.
DTEF = Down to eye fuck
by KITS February 11, 2014
To stare at someone flirtatiously or insinuating sex.
"The proper hat lady just eye fucked the shit out of me."
by cerealkiller182 November 1, 2005
A male or female who exhibits the need or want to have sex with a seductive/sensual glace/stare with another male or female that they have made direct eye-contact with.

This can be performed in all instances, any location, any time of the year, any hour of the day/night, with anyone.

Results will vary.
-Can be laughed off
-Can be acted upon
-Can be eye-fucked back
-Can eye-fuck for a long or short period of time
-Can eye-fuck back the eye-fucker
-Can eye-fuck back the eye-fucker's friends
-Can be given the Evil-eye back
-Can be beaten
-Can be told off verbally
-Someone who the eye-fuck was not intended for, may think it was meant for them
I interviewed this really attractive young lady in my office today and we were both eye-fucking each other, to the point where I thought I would close my door and seriously fuck her hot body on my desk.

I just got eye fucked by that hot chick!
by R. Trelford February 13, 2008
A more intense/seductive version of eye flirting. You find this person extremley attractive and you want to tear them apart right now. Could also be undressing with your eyes.
Licking of the lips may occur.
Uhhh she's totally eye fucking me. I dont even know her. Wait she's bomb as hell though. ....Niiiice...
by Eby November 14, 2006
When a person stares at another person they find attractive and undresses and has their way with them in their imagination. This may lead to something between the person eye fucked and the eye fucker.
Damn I am trying to enjoy my thai food but the man sitting over there eye fucked me and its hard to think straight now.
by g Kat December 31, 2007