3 definitions by GlucoseGod

Used as an adjective to describe someone or to describe yourself. If you are "royally ____" it means you're over the top, exceeding expectations. Commonly used when you're seriously messed up.
"I had 10 beers and I'm royally f*cked up, dude."

"He was royally messed up at that party last night, I heard he pissed on the couch."
by GlucoseGod September 2, 2021
Short for tolerance, more specifically tolerance to a drug
"I heard he was drunk after only drinking 2 beers, he needs to get his tolly up"

"I took a .1 at the festival and was rolling dick. I think I need to get my tolly up"
by GlucoseGod June 5, 2021
Used as a verb.

to "get exterior" means to get rowdy, get ready to party, or rally a ton of booze. Most commonly used by frat boys
"The kegs just landed, lets get exterior."
"You boys ready to get exterior tonight?"
by GlucoseGod September 2, 2021