short for "inclusive"
just means ur cool w xenogenders, neopronouns, n whatever sexualities other people identify with
other ppls identities arent my problem, so im inclus
by nameymcnamington February 6, 2022
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Internet slang for inclusionists.

Inclusionists are people who haven't worked out their homophobia, transphobia, and ableism. They often times focus on calling every little unnecessary thing valid, despite the bad things that are caused from them. They participate in, and support scuibaiting, spam, and gore.

Note: They're also enbyphobic
Jhonney was scuibaited on the internet again, because he talked about things that harm him. Yes, the baiters were inclus.
by The true only dictionary April 21, 2021
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Rad-Inclus, a shortened version of "Radical Inclusive" or "Radically Inclusive", is a term in queer discourse referring to individuals that accept all good-faith queer identities. This includes apparently contradictory, controversial, "cringe", and seemingly nonsensical identities.

Rad-Inclus people do NOT support racist pronouns or similarly disgusting things as those are made in BAD FAITH.
person 1: Have you heard Derrick is still identifying as a lesbian even though he's a transman? Isn't that wrong and harmful?
person 2: I'm rad-inclus, so I think Derrick knows himself best. If he truly still identifies with the label "lesbian" and is calling himself lesbian in good-faith, then in my opinion, he's lesbian and that's fine.
by sometimesdefinitonsannoyme March 11, 2022
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Someone who accepts all non-harmful identities. For example, they support neo-pronouns, xenogenders, etc. but they won't support he/him lesbians.

Rad-Inclus, or Radical Inclusive:
Someone who accepts all identities, even harmful ones. They'd accept he/him lesbians, Racist pronouns, or genders based off controversial things. They'd also support flags made by Racists, and Transphobes.
The Inclus vs. Rad-Inclus debate is very dramatic, but personally, I'm (the creator of this post) is Inclus.
by lameassfroggy December 7, 2021
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1) Being accepting of people with different characteristics.
2) In reference to inter-sectional feminism, the showing of preference to members of "marginalized" or "persecuted" groups - generally LGBT, minority ethnicities, and Islam - while showing complete disdain for and demonizing of all others.
3) Showing complete disdain for and demonizing any disagreeing position.
by Nightmaredeus May 17, 2018
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The exclusion of men. Especially white men.
We need to have more inclusivity here, all of you white men get out to make more space for the wamen.
by Dovahscrub August 13, 2019
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A word 40% of Americans use to mean they are tolerant and accepting of others in the same 40%.

Example: We moved to Seattle to live in a neighborhood of inclusion.
Example: We moved to Seattle to live in a neighborhood of inclusion.
by korgwm November 10, 2016
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