An inclusionist is someone who does not gatekeep (i.e. exclude) members of a certain group from that group based on their identity or other factors. This is especially prevelant in the LGBTQIA+ community, where exclusionists often create in-fighting and discord in the group over identities and create division within the group. Other groups (often marginalized) outside of LGBTQIA+ also often experience these types of division. Many inclusionists realize that in-fighting is not the way to overcome the oppression these groups experience, and only by working together and creating an inclusionist community, they can all overcome stigma from those outside the group.
1. Anna is a pansexual inclusionist and bisexual. She understands that someone who's pansexual is attracted to people regardless of gender, and that it doesn't invalidate her sexuality.

2. Elliot is a bisexual inclusionist, and is gay. He knows that bisexual people aren't just "straight people who want to be special" like some exclusionists think.

3. I heard that Andrew changed his mind about asexuality and became an inclusionist! After he opened his mind and talked to asexual people, he realized he didn't understand what it meant and was wrong.

4. I hope that one author realizes her mistakes and starts being a transgender inclusionist. Feminism that excludes trans people puts women into a box of what femininity is "supposed" to be that can hurt cis women too.

5. I'm a trans man, but neopronouns don't bother me. I consider myself an inclusionist, and I think people can use whatever pronouns make them comfortable in their body.
by PewPewGuns September 26, 2020
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An inclusionist, commonly shortened to inclus, is a discourse term to refer to a person who believes the core purpose of the LGBT+ community is individual expression. They tend to care more about personal feelings over historical sources or definitions, and state that cishet approval is unnecessary, or sometimes even unwanted. While they prioritize making sure people feel comfortable with their label, they CAN inadvertently push harmful ideas of other sexualites by doing so (e.g; using biphobic stereotypes in order to support other M-spec identities like pansexuality). However, not all inclus are guilty of doing this.

Common inclusionist beliefs are (Note: People don't have to inherently have every of these views to be an inclusionist):
-the acronym is LGBTQ+, LGBTQIA+, or something similar
-aces and aros (including cishet ones) are part of the community
-asexuality and aromanticism are spectrums
-non-binary people can be lesbians or gay
-"gay" is an umbrella term that anyone with same gender attraction can use
-Mspec identities like pan, omnisexual, or polysexual are valid
-you do not need gender dysphoria to be transgender
-pronouns don't equal gender
-all pronouns are valid, including nounself and emoji pronouns
-Queer is a valid identity, and isn't a slur (some even say it never has been).
Alex is an inclusionist, they support pansexuals.
by punkcabaret May 12, 2021
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