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An Anti-Hero is a hero who does bad things to achieve a good and respectable goal.
Scar was a real Anti-Hero.
by Pen Name = Pseudonym December 25, 2018
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An Anti-Villain is a character who does bad things for a goal they believe to be good, yet the goal is totally and really messed up. These characters aren't entirely bad, yet aren't good at the same time, like morally gray characters.
Clear Sky was an anti-villain, I hate him. - Literally Everyone
by Pen Name = Pseudonym December 25, 2018
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Morally gray is a character who does too much bad to be a good character, yet too much good to be a bad character. A character who is in between good and bad.
Robin Hood is a Morally Gray character, he steals but he also gives to the poor!
by Pen Name = Pseudonym December 25, 2018
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A sympathetic villain is a villain character who is a bad person but their backstory/history/character arc is sad and depressing, it makes you feel bad for them. Or sympathy.
Zuko was a sympathetic villain, wasn't he?
by Pen Name = Pseudonym December 25, 2018
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slang for exclusionist. basically gatekeeps certain sexualities (mspec labels) that they deem unnecessary or harmful. opposite of inclus / inclusionist who include every sexuality, no matter the historic background or if it's harmful. most exclus and inclus agree that "bi/pan lesbians/gays" aren't valid, though.
i love exclus and i respect them for fighting against harmful sexualities even if they're a minority. i can't believe platforms online support mspec even though actual LGBT people are against them. it's completely performative and they don't really care about LGBT people and will never understand how it feels to get disowned or even threatened to be killed just because of our sexuality. sexuality and pronouns AREN'T a joke and aren't fun or for comfort.
by Pen Name = Pseudonym May 28, 2021
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an exclusionist is someone who gatekeeps (excludes) specific sexualities and pronouns from the LGBTQ+ community. most of them excuse sexualities that may be harming others (pansexuality vs bisexuality discourse). exclusionist, unlike inclusionist, can have different beliefs about different sexuality, as one person might not support neopronouns while an other does or some might support the aro/ace spectrum (most do) while others don't. they're the contrast to inclusionist who accept every nounselfs, xenogender, neogender and sexuality despite whether its harmful or not.
1. I consider myself as an exclusionist, I don't support pansexuality and think its harming to the bisexual and transgender community, but that doesn't mean I don't support neopronouns or the aro/ace community!

2. Some exclusionists usually don't support nounself pronouns like fae/faer as they think they are unnecessary when there are already neopronouns (xe/xim/xer) and a neutral pronoun (they/them)

3. I don't believe that English needs neopronouns (xe/xim/xer etc.) as it already has a neutral pronoun (they/them) but some languages that don't have it should totally use them!

4. I have exclusionist views as I think pansexuality is biphobic and transphobic as 1) bisexuals can be genderblind and love people outside of the gender binary just as pansexuals can (see: bisexual manifesto) and 2) pansexuals don't exclusively love trans men and women and they count in the gender binary!
by Pen Name = Pseudonym August 16, 2020
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