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The acronym EVOC stands for

1. Enterprise Virtual Operations Center (EDS)

Vrtual, online command center for incident management and operations.

2. Emergency Vehicle Operations Course

As an emergency vehicle operator, you face distractions and hazards that other drivers never encounter. With the siren screaming and lights flashing, you weave around traffic and squeeze through narrow spaces all the while keeping an ever watchful eye on other vehicles and pedestrians. You concentrate on your driving while paramedics care for the patient enroute, but his condition and urgent need for added medical attention heightens your stress. It is your responsibility to reach the nearest health care facility quickly and safely.

3. East Village Opera Company (New York)

The East Village Opera Company (EVOC) is a rock group co-founded by Tyley Ross and Peter Kiesewalter.

4. Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations Council (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)

5. End Violence On Campus
1. The new virtual operations center will be showcased at the Experience IT conference at the Disneyland Hotel on July 29 and 30. Sponsored by the City of Anaheim, EDS and Government Technology Magazine.

2. I would recommend getting that evoc training as soon as possible. Depending what vehicles your training on will prelude what instrucotr to get.

3. EVOC's music has drawn comparisons to other contemporary artists in pop culture including the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Mannheim Steamroller, or Metallica's S&M (Symphony and Metallica) album. Fans of EVOC generally reject these comparisons for various reasons.

4. The Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations Council is organizing a raise fund for homeless people.

5. It’s high time to put an end to violence on campus, las night two girls were sexually assaulted while walking to their dorms.
by B@aRbIe GiRl April 22, 2011
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