The single most beautiful, sexy, intelligent and perfect girl on the actual planet earth!!! is said every 1 billion years god creates a perfect woman. This is her.
by eveylovesbrennan January 30, 2010
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Evey is the single most beautiful, hot, kind girl you will ever meet. She has a smaller chest but a big butt. Lots of guys like her but keep it a secret. She goes through a hella lot but hide sit pretty eel but if she shares it with you she realpy loves you. Short but always down to party as an escape.
Is that evey? Shes really cute but I dont know what to say!
Dude just talk to her!!
by 1notmyrealname5 October 6, 2019
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A clothing and accessories label full of personality; vibrant,
edgy, cute, and sexy--think SuicideGirls meets Rainbow Brite... in a Japanese Wonderland. Evey designs for girls who are all "grown up;" girls creative and rebellious at heart but who still love to be cute and girly.

MayStar of Club Fashion Whore and Zui Suicide, the Suicide Girl who co-stars in Trashy Life, have both modeled for Evey. Audrey Kitching will be modeling for the line later this month.
by Missy Lynn October 13, 2007
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An expression of agreement, indifference, or begrudging compliance.
Girl: I left my panties in your car, is that a problem?

Guy: Evey.
by greenglaze March 30, 2009
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Eveie is an amazing friends who deserves everything she is the only person you can trust so keep her forever no matter what she is loving, caring, cute, funny, athletic, trusting and an all time good friends
The best person to have in the world is called eveie
by Lib20 November 3, 2019
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Eveie is a person who shits a lot and dreams about polish people who cant stop clocks
"Polish people cant stop clocks" -Eveie 2k16
by lololololnononolololol December 11, 2016
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A clothing and accessories line by Music Video Wardrobe Stylist: Evey Rothstein. Much like what you would see walking the streets in the land of the rising sun, Evey’s clothing and accessories are vibrant, full of personality, edgy, cute, and sexy. Think suicide girls meets Rainbow Brite, in Wonderland.
Evey Clothing is for girls who are “grown up,” with cool hair, tattoos and piercings, who still love to be cute and girly.
by Missy Lynn October 11, 2007
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