5'0 tiny suicide girl, lauren watts started a website when she was 14 to post n00dz of herself.Slowly developped a fanbase, joined suicide girls. Got beat up in high school for dating girls. now works on trashylife with audrey kitching, posts her phone number for fans to talk.
Tyler is jelous of Zui Suicide's photographers.
by agagaga November 06, 2006
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A beautiful, talented model. Her real name is Lauren Watts. She's 25. She is known for being on the Mtv reality show 'Paris Hilton's My New BFF' and for doing a project called Trashy Life with Audrey Kitching. She has a lot of tattoos, including a rainbow on her right arm, and two stars on her chest. She listens to heavy metal.
Zui Suicide is so beautiful and unique, she's my role model.
by Lalalalax333 May 21, 2009
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Zui suicide, is a scene queen. Who was first a suicide girl and has no porblem posing naked, which she shouldn't cause she has a hot body. She started to get known for doing Trashy Life with audrey. Zui suicide got pregnant and trashy life was on hold, then it made a comeback but audrey is an asshole and didn't want to do it anymore, and there have been rumors Zui and Audrey aren't friends anymore. Zui Suicide is the most real and friendly of the scene queens, her favorite color is gold and has sexy green eyes. She still does modeling and recently modeled for Evey clothing and working with Erny Suicide for suicide girl, Zui gave birth to a baby girl named Zavia.
Zui Suicide is your teenagers role model, her walk is slick and she talks shit.
by zuisfuturewifey December 15, 2007
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