An eugeroic is any drug that acts as wakefulness enhancers. Wakefulness enhancers make it possible to stay up longer while temporary avoiding the psychotic side effects of sleep deprivation. Eugeroics means "causing good wakefulness and arousal". Eugeroics act differently than stimulants in that stimulants cause alertness, focus, and motivation; while eugeroics cause wakefulness and can restore restfulness (especially in sleep deprived people). Eugeroics tend to be much subtler, though they will keep you awake for hours until the eugeroic wears off. Eugeroics will keep you up for hours durong the night while leaving you feeling oddly well rested if taken at night. Eugeroics allows you to stay awake longer. Eugeroics can also be used im the mornong to wake up better and stay awake. They can also be used in the afternoon or during a boring lecture to combat sleepiness and stay awake for hours. Eugeroics are not a sleep replacement, but an answer to a lack of proper sleep and drowsiness. Eugeroics make it easy to stay awake during boring work or boring classes and may also mildly increase confidence
confidence, alertness, and motivation. Eugeroics work in the opposite way of antihistamines. While antihistamines reduce reactions to allergies and causes drowsiness, eugeroics increases reactions to allergies and produces wakefulness. It's wise to avoid allergens like wool, dust, hay, wheat and gluten while on eugeroics.
Woman: I took 75mg fluorenol in the morning and it woke me up better than coffee.
Dude: I took 50mg fluorenol every four hours to help me study at night and I pulled off an all nighter. Wakes me up better tha modafinil.
Modafinil and adrafinil are examples of eugeroics, but have too many side effects, interact negatively with too many nootropics, and may cause dependence. Hydrafinil(Fluorenol) is a better example of a eugeroic, has stronger wakefulness enhancing effects than modafinil, stacks well with nootropics instead of interacting negatively with them, and is cheaper than modafinil.
by CognitiveFuel April 8, 2015
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adj., adv., "causing good arousal", source: <>
Adrafinil and modafinil are dugs characterised by their eugeroic effects.
by Amarix May 3, 2006
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A eugeroic is a type of drug that acts as a smart drug and is useful for ADHD, Narcolepsy, Phase Sleep Disorder, and helps you remember if you are forgetful. Eugeroics work by mildly increasing dopamine, and increasing histamine in the brain. The dopamine gives you a mild energy boost while the histamine is responsible for wakefulness. Eugeroics are wakefulness enhancers and are different from stimulants since stimulants tend to be addictive and eugeroics aren't very addictive at all. Eugeroics leave you with casual wakefulness and feels like a good night's sleep, while stimulants leave you feeling very hyper.
Examples of eugeroics are: Adrafinil, Modafinil, Armodafinil, Hydrafinil, Flodafinil (Flmodafinil, Difluoromodafinil), Fladrafinil (Difluoroadrafinil), Modafiendz (N-Methyl-Flodafinil, N-Methyl-Flmodafinil, N-Methyl-Difluoromodafinil), and N-Methyl-Modafinil.
by CognitiveFuel September 12, 2023
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