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An Estefania is pretty, nice,smart, talented, creative and independent young women. She has a great heart that everyone wants to have. She is sometimes hard to communicate but when someone tries to annoy her she gets mad but calms herself down. An Estefania has a creative mind in a way that makes her ideas pop in a certain way.She parishes her friends more than anything and brings a big smile to everyone is face when she is near them. An Estefania is a great friend to be around with even if a Estefania becomes your best friend than she will take care you you if you were like her sister. Estefania's a hard person to find because she is very friendly and takes time to think and try new things before she actually decides to do it. Estefania is a positive person and gives advice to people but when she needs it her advice doesn't work the same way.
Hey Estefania! How are you?
-Fine how about you?

Estefania is my awesome best friend.
by Zekki January 15, 2013
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1. The most beautiful female in the world. Most people think of her as an angel, but is actually a goddess in human form.
2. A word that can be used in any part of speech to mean beautiful, smart, sexy, awesome, etc.
Verb: He Estefanied the park enough to make everyone love it.
Noun: That was Estefania.
Adverb: With you or without you, I can Estefanialy make this work.
Adjective: When I look into your eyes, I can't look away because they are so Estefania.
by Tips and Tricks February 08, 2008
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People could argue she is by far the sexiest, most beautiful, talented, intelligent, great girl on the planet.
She is the best person to be around with. Most guys WISHED they could be with an Estefania. Estefania's are talented, always looking fly, trippy at times, and extremely attractive and fascinating to look at.
If only he had an Estefania to make him happy.

Your daughter is going to be so Estefania like, you should be happy.
by Latinagirl18 November 23, 2010
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A perfect faced girl , Very passioned girl that loves to play volleyball . Shes a great student & independent. She's her self & becoming like an elegant woman. She models like no other any model , perfect.
estefania is a outside hitte in Volleyball , its her PASSION <3
Every one loves estefania.
by scarf99 June 27, 2011
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Estefania is the sweetest Latina you'll ever meet . Her eyes , her hair , everything about her is so cute and adorable. The way she run , laughs . The way she sucks your dick is so godamn good!! If you break her heart you will pay .
Damn look at Estefania she's so fucking cute .
by Mexican_Papii March 19, 2017
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the bunny that lives under your bed and constantly haunts your dream of oranges and bananas.
Holy SHIT!? Is that estefania! It was in my dream too. WHAT A DOUCHE!
by pedrole March 15, 2008
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