A cool guy, probably goes by Stan. Estan’s are rare, but are awesome if you can find one. Estan’s are loyal, and great friends. Be sure to make a good first impression cause Estan’s can hold a grudge.
Cashier: “Can I get a name for the order?”
Estan: “Stan”
by Squerds July 26, 2019
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A person who is naturally a useless dumbass
Man 1:she’s such an estane

Man 2: dude what’s that?
Man 1: dude she’s a useless dumbass
by Lazy potato April 11, 2020
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Spanish for "Where are all the pretty girls?"
John went to the senior center hoping to find a hot volunteer worker for a girl and said "Donde estan las muchachas bonitas?"
by BOBMAN vs. EVIL-PETE October 14, 2004
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Someone who really would fuck/is attracted to someone named Emily
by Estannnnn January 23, 2022
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