Very beautiful person with beautiful attitude, spirit and very perfect inside out
by Your first real boyfriend December 28, 2017
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A girl who is self focused, who has a loud personality. Most find her quiet, weird, and some would even say disturbed. If Esmeralda ever tries to interact she would get shut down immediately or maybe told off.
Hey don't act like Esmerelda
by blankface01 June 10, 2019
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Originated name meaning "emerald" a beautiful green gemstone. The most beautiful girl in all of the female gender. Pretty faced with eyes of autumn leaves. A person with brown wavy hair and glasses; (how blind are you? The first question I asked her). A great person to hang around and the best personality. "Italian Pick me" a nickname for esmerelda. A voice and giggle of an angel.
"Hey, it's esmerelda!" "The cute one?" "Yeah that one"
by Aressss November 22, 2021
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you have three roaches in the ashtray, why don't you roll up an esmerelda?
by Fritz Scott June 26, 2006
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Big bouncy breasts, usually on a voluptuous woman with nipples that point up and outward.
That chick is sporting some beautiful Esmereldas.
by Keith August 8, 2004
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