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Erynne damn she is just a beautiful girl. She falls in love quickly but can’t say “I love you” IF she doesn’t mean it. She gets hurt in most relationship’s even if she ended it. If you have her as your girlfriend keep her for as long as you can.She will make anyone happy even if she’s the one hurting. She is very very goofy and is always smiling. She is the greatest in bed just a real freak in the sheets her kinky side kicks in a lot.Her kisses are amazing make you feel one and only.She is a sweet, loving and kind person.If you have an Erynne in your life keep her cause she maintains your hope alive.
Erynne is too funny...I can’t stop laughing with her.
by UltraKoi1597 July 21, 2018
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an awesome best friend she'll make u feel like your the best thing in the world she has the biggest brightest blue eyes she has the best friends and many of that but she always falls for her best friends crush both of her best friends have boy friends she usually falls for an ian she is sometimes rejected but then her friends help her get through it she's beautiful she has long brown hair and she's very slim boys fall for her all the time but she doesn't know it. she tries to be friends with the popular people and she's sometimes sensetive
boy: OMG here comes erynne

girl: I heard she asked out that boy five time she's so pretty i wish i was more like her
boy: you mean her best friends crush since first grade

girl: yah

boy: wow that's a little bitchy
by awesomm December 09, 2012
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The whoreiest whore of them all. A true slut.
I fucking hate Erynne
by MR. BIG BOY November 05, 2018
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