A girl who's names is spelled Erynn instead of Erin because shes a bad-ass(; She's gorgeous, knows how to have fun, and flirts like crazy. She's unique and guys go crazy just to talk to her. & she definetely knows how to party. Fuck with her, and your screwed. She can be a bitch, but a hott bitch.
Oh, that Erynn girl has gotten me turned on(;
I love that name Erynn! It's better then Erin.
by longlivelife23 June 22, 2011
Erynn is a person who strives for success, and to help people be their best selves. She does what she does for the good of others and knows how to be unique. Erynn is beautiful to everobody, and knows she is she is confident,kind and courageous. Her genorosty truly shows.
Girl 1- Erynn is so nice she always makes me smile.
Girl 2- I know she's the best
by shinikkiq March 20, 2019
A cooler spelling of the name Erin
Fred: "What is your name?"

Erynn: "Erin. But it's cooler spelt E-R-Y-N-N"
by erinerynn August 20, 2008
Erynn is a badass woman because she is strong, fierce, and outgoing . She is also every loyal. She is very loving and when you break her heart it is shredded into a million pieces. Even after break ups she cares about you and will always remember what you brought into her life. She may seem fine after a break up but she isn't she focused on making everyone else she knows have fun and laugh. She knows how to fun make people laugh. Don't mess with an Erynn because if you do she will fuck you up.
Guy#1 Yo Erynn Fucked you up last night what did you do bro?
Guy#2 I pranked her then broke up with her.
Guy#1 Woah dude that's fucked up you should never mess with an Erynn!
by Daddy needs his juice August 15, 2019

Erynn can be known as the coolest person around. Known to party and have a great time. Greatest giver of head ever.
(guys after wild party)..
dooood last nght did you say that erynn? damnnnnn she really knew how to go down on me!
by taki nowa goshi April 18, 2009
Erynn is one complicated person. One second she’ll be happy but the next she’ll be angry or upset. Even though she can be hard to put up with, she will always be there for people she loves and cares about. She can be rude and clueless. She cares too much about what others think but can give great advice.
Wow, Erynn is a handful
by Veronica Mesly November 26, 2018
Erynn is a variation of Erin, the Gaelic word for Ireland.

She is tall, graceful and beautiful inside and out. She is sensitive, artistic and loves to read.

She has small groups of close friends and is loyal, caring and kind to them.

Erynn is unique, special and a blessing to those around her.
Erynn is a female name, a variation of Erin.
by AShawthing April 1, 2019