A beautiful funny loving girl has a great personality has a nice set of brown eyes, curvasious body, has a great smile good with her words, easy to talk to, quick with her temper though, she has a jealous streak what is her, is her not anyone else's , she's the outgoing energetic girl everyone likes hanging around, erykah is the girl you would wanna take home to the family
Dude one: "Bro Erykah looks so pretty today, I want to talk to her"
Dude two: "Go talk to her , she's really funny"
by Brenden September 19, 2015
She is the best person you could ever meet . Pretty brown eyes . She had the best heart and very understanding. When you cross her over she unleashes all hell . She is very smart and has the best sense of humor. She never shows how she actually feels . She always try’s to make people happy even when she is really not . When she is hurt she will never show bc she bottle it all up and keep it to her self .
Hey erykah is a very good person but don’t get on her bad side
by Anonymous 5k May 19, 2019
She is a kindhearted person, is definitely one you dont want to lose, beautiful, melts your heart with her gaze, and shows no sign of weakness.
dang she is definitely an Erykah
by Pie=3.14 October 6, 2013
A beautiful young lady. She is hard to miss with her stunning red hair. She has very pretty brown eyes that are sometimes very full of shit. She has a great sense of humor. When you make her laugh and see her smile you will fall in love over and over again. When you make her mad you unleash the gates of hell.
I fell for an Erykah once but one day i made her mad and almost died.
by Pie=3.14 October 8, 2013
Name : Born-Erica Wright
Location: Dallas in 1971

Neo-soul singer who Realeased such hits as " on and on" "baby you got me...ft roots" "love of my life... ft common" "call Tyrone" "Bag Lady" She is one of the best soul singer Period.

Has a son named seven(by Andre 3000 of outkast born andre' Benjamin) , And has a daughter named Puma(father unknown...proabbly rapper- common aka common sense...Born Lonnie Rashied Lynn)
andre 3000 rappin :"....When I was going through them phases trying to find
Anything that seemed real in the world
Still searching, but I started liking this girl
Now you know her
As Erykah on and on Badu
Call Tyrone on the phone why you
Do that gurl like that boy you ought to be ashamed
The song wasn't about me and that ain't my name (tyrone)
We're young, in love, in short we had fun
No regrets no abortion, had a son
By the name of Seven
And he's five
By the time I do this mix, he'll probably be six......"
by kow_heman May 23, 2005
a strip diva but some guys think she doesn't strip enough. Many also hope she becomes a fuck diva.
Erykah Badu is a strip diva.
by Deep blue 2012 March 31, 2010
A phrase used by a conscious individual when they learned something new and different, about the world they inhabit, by the wise queen Erykah Badu
Erykah Taught me that groupthink kills the individual...
by DJ TIFFY January 20, 2016