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Erith is a town in England that is so important and impressive that people are named after it. Unisex name, famous welsh rugby player named Erith stuck that name on all three of his kids and one of his kids stuck the name on all three of hers, hence there are at least 7 Eriths on earth.

Erith goes well with other strange names people cannot stand. A good dirty trick to plant on your kid as a middle name so they have no choice to go with the more normal of the two. Erith Maynard, Orson Erith, Erith Gladys, Ethel Erith, Erith Gertrude. Not a great array of choices.

Often mis pronounced Edith for people who don't know the difference between an R and a D. Can be pronounced Air-ith but supposed to be pronounced Ear-ith like something to do with your hearing.
Hi Dr. Smith, I think I have an "Erith" do you have drops for this?

Shakespearen: The air-ith smelleth stinkieth in Erith, England.

Erith is Edith with an "r" silly.

When you write a letter to Erith you don't have to say Dear Erith because it sounds funny. You can abbreviate it to "Dearith".
by Sailor Skye February 08, 2010
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