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A girl with big dreams and a bigger heart. Musical and artistic, she's someone who everyone likes, some people envy, and is friends with almost everyone. She'll always stick up for you, but may be shy to stick up for herself. She's typically average height, has dark colored hair, and wears minimal to no makeup. She's extremely cute, and is smart but can have a good laugh too. Sometimes, she has mood swings, but she will become happy again with food. She wants a guy, but doesn't know how to look for one, and if she can actually date.

~~She also loves That's what she said jokes~~

Personally, I know one, and she's really cool, because she gets tons of my dirty jokes and finds the things i wear and thing I do funny and weird.
Guy 1: I have a crush on that girl over there. She's such an Erinne!
Guy 2: I know right? She's so cute!

Guy 1: i'm going to ask her out tomorrow
by _uni_corn_ May 16, 2018
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Erinne either from Asian or Irish decent. She's seems cute an innocent, but she's actually kinda really dirty. She's smart, but also dumb sometimes!

She has a lot of friends, and is also friendly with everyone. You will rarely meet someone who doesn't know who she is. This person is someone who will never betray you, unless you betray her. She's super protective of her friends, but sometimes not of herself. She's seen as someone's little sister, which is ironic, because she's normally an older sibling. If someone does something to her, normally your instinct is to fight and stick up for her.

Not only that, but she's also super caring and helpful. If you need help, you can always count on her for it! She'll always come to your rescue. No matter what, she'll stay your friends as long as y'all are loyal to her. She's the crazy but caring one of the friend group.

She doesn't just hang out with orchestra kids, she hangs out with theatre kids too. They all love her, just as orchestra kids do. Again, she loves to be friendly!

She's an ambivert, which you can clearly see. Sometimes she'll be talking non-stop to you, sometimes she doesn't want to talk. And that's okay! She's basically who everyone wants to date.. <3
Girl one: I'm so glad my friend is an Erinne

Guy one: I know right? I might ask her out too.
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by _uni_corn_ June 05, 2018
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