This is the time Halo players notice when they look at a clock. No matter what, when a Halo player looks at the clock at 1:17, they will think of Master Chief/Halo whether they want to or not.(Master Chief is also known as Spartan 117)
HaloFan1: "Oh look its 1:17AM! I'm gonna go play hours of Halo now!"
HaloFan2: "OMGWTFBQQ! Let's go on Xbox live and chat with other fags who actually play Halo 1:17 in the morning!"
by HaloAccount September 6, 2008
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A freestyle verse used by the up-and-coming Midwest rapper “Hitta.”

It proceeds as follows: “Mfs be tellin me I changin up. When you have sh** in your pants, you have to change!”
Me: “Dude why you always changing up on us!”
Friend: “Hubert 1:17. #ImHim.”
by chitownsstr0ngcok March 29, 2020
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