A guy that will tap broads of any color (EO for short); the opposite of Pussy Racist
MOCO is Equal Opportunity - "All pussies are pink on the inside!"
by MOCO & P-Phat February 11, 2008
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One who bashes and trashes any and every different type of person known to earth; including the basher's own race.
"Don't call me racist, I am an Equal Opportunity Offender."
by SWEDL January 18, 2008
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This describes a man who does not care if a woman is short or tall, thick or thin, black, brown, red, yellow, or white skinned, if she has kids or not, or if they are 10 years older or younger. Or 20 years, within the boundary of the law.

A woman only needs to be attractive for an 'equal opportunity cock' to be interested in having sex with said woman, and of course, attractiveness is relative...

The song 'Every Girl' by Lil Wayne describes the mindset of an equal opportunity cock.
(Spotting a hottie) Bob: I'd hit that.

John: I'd hit lots of women. I have an equal opportunity cock.


White guy 1: I'm not attracted to black women.

White guy 2: Whatever. I have an equal opportunity cock.
by t_doffing July 18, 2009
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An equal opportunity lover is a person that will date someone no matter their race. Other people may never date outside of their race or only date one particular race. An equal opportunity lover sees no color and has love for them all. <3
Sam only dates latina girls, but Robby loves women of all colors. Robby is an equal opportunity lover for sure. Sam's probably a racist. :/
by jkilla October 21, 2013
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Someone who is an asshole to everyone regardless of age, gender, religion, political views or sexual orientation.
"I think Mark hates me because I'm Mexican."
"Nah, he's like that to everyone. He's an equal opportunity asshole."
by radiumbreath January 17, 2010
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someone who is racist about every race,sometimes including their own.regardless of the situation
equal-opportunity racist- i hate all niggers,chinks,wetbacks,frenchies,oreos,crackers

i hate you,i hate you, i don't even know you, and i hate ya guts!
by sooooooooul train June 22, 2009
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A rather classy way to say someone is Bisexual; A preferred alternative to the rather confusing and outdated phrase "swings both ways" .
Can be abbreviated as "E.O.E." when further discretion is needed.
I don't understand how you could only date women Jim. Personally, I'm an equal opportunity employer.
by E.O.E. December 26, 2010
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