The way that some people, mostly on the internet type 'enough' to either save typing an extra letter, seem like a cool person or because they actually think that 'enuff' is the correct spelling.

==> Probably originated in Haydock, England.
Andy: "Hi"
Fletch: "Hey"
Andy: "ho r u"
Fletch: "Not so bad, how are you?"
Andy: "nt gttin enuff sleep lol"
Fletch: "That's too bad."
Andy: "I no lol mite stay ov college 2mrw"
Fletch: "AGAIN?"

(... etc you get the idea.)
by Stuart Fletcher January 12, 2005
The feelgood movie of the year (not really) about my personal vendetta with hillary duff....We don't got beef. I just want to kill the ho for even being on TV...
How will I do it......Sword...AK...EXPLOSION
by master_shake January 2, 2004
commonly used to put an end to gaydom; also used as a popularity point raising device
"enuff, Z'nuff"
"Dag yo, that guy is tha sprizzite"
by andyfellovernet April 8, 2003
a phrase or expression to describe a dumb bitch that is not quite hot enuff to be THAT stupid. She may be slightly cute or moderately attractive (do-able) but is so stupid that it might not be worth it. This phrase usually follows a dumb comment that the dumb bitch makes such as, "Is the Cowboys a baseball team?"
john, "I'm the DDD tonight."

FB (fat bitch) "what's that?"
john, "the designated drunk driver! Good god woman you are not hot enuff to be this stupid
by niggman star33 August 21, 2011