Someone who makes a living by selling bullshit to Americans.
Entremaneur : George W. Bush (WMDS), Republicans (Faith While Really Cutting Down Benefits To The Poor N Needy While Giving Tax Cuts To Rich, Christian Right (Supposdely Promoting Christian Religion While Funding Republicans Who Cut Down Benefits of Medicare and Education to the Less Fortunate), Conservatives (Promoting Tradition Which, 50 years ago, includes racial segregation)--They Must Realize We Must Change Our World For The Better--Our World Is Not Perfect Yet.
by Hereyago March 5, 2006
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A large selling tool of the media known as FOX news, who work for and with greedy corperations to make money all day long.
Faux News's Bill O'Reilly is a far more effective Entremaneur than Rush Limbaugh, because you can see his red, blotchy, shit-eating face on TV, instead of only hearing his voice!
by KarlRovesBush March 6, 2006
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One whose profession involves convincing others of facts and opinions that may not be totally accurate.

Entremaneurs are often charismatic; they appear trustworthy, knowledgeable, and sincere. Also, they prefer acceptance of their message without discussion, research, or dissension.

Entremaneurs are found in politics, religion, all types of commercial enterprises, and in the media.
The friendly well-dressed entremaneur easily convinced the couple that they needed to buy additional insurance.
by dus7 March 5, 2006
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As with A Dick or The Donald, usually any typical advantaged American 'suit' having the ability to USE the constitution and state law to benefit his/her own agenda; i.e. one of spreading financial fecal matter throughout our global society while fattening his/her own nestegg (family dynasty) and lacking all ethical and personal responsibility for this 'special class' without any philanthropic though in mind unless it is a tax write-off.
Did you hear about the entremaneur who shot his own interest during a hunting trip just after a beer break?
by Tucky Weaver March 12, 2006
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George Bush and his constant hyping of terrorism. Terror, Terror , 9/11, 9/11, The ports deal with the U.A.E. doesn't pose any threat to US security. We will get federal help to the hurricane Katrina victims ASAP. Iraq is a growing and looming threat. The defecit isn't a problem. Bush has used all of these aforementioned items and that makes him much more of an Entremaneur than anybody else.
by 3MTA3 March 5, 2006
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Someone who is stuck in a crappy job and likes to complain about how shitty it is... Rather than get a new job.

Someone who always claims his life is shitty... Without doing anything about it.
Bob is such an entremaneur! He always gripes about how shitty his boss, work, and colleagues are... And yet he keeps showing up for work every day!
by GS Freasy October 18, 2010
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