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A level 80 Warlock from World of Warcraft that kicks ass with his level 68 quest wand and his level 70 Spellstrike Hood.

Also known from for being a kick ass dude that knows what's up!
Enrish is top dps once again.

Enrish is a better tank than Greenforce.
Enrish heals better than Abluepriest and Twizta put together!
Enrish helped me with something on the site.
by Enrish June 10, 2009
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Enrish was first known for playing a Warlock in World of Warcraft on the server Balnazzar. In the days of Burning Crusades he was in the number one guild of the server (Slash Cry). Later on he was introduced to Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Enrish pretty much quit World of Warcraft due to lack of interest and later his account being hacked. He is now known for being the head admin on and the leader of the gaming crew 2FRSH.

In Brawl he plays Jigglypuff and is often seen at anime conventions near Columbus, Ohio. Due to lack of money though he rarely attends tournaments.

Enrish is also a Narutard. He has his very own unique "Narutard" badge to prove it. He seems to be crazy about Pein and Kisame.

Enrish is a pretty cool guy. Though he's the head admin of AllisBrawl you don't see too much activity from him unless it involves his voluntary work, so if you want him to talk you have to talk to him directly. He can be funny and provide a good conversations if the topics are right.
Person A: You remember when Slash Cry was the number one guild?
Person B: Yeah, my friend Enrish was in there.

Person A: I want to apply to be a moderator of Allisbrawl, who do I talk to?
Person B: Enrish

Try talking to Enrish about Jigglypuff or Naruto, it's kind of funny how much he gets into it.
by randomfactinformer April 13, 2011
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