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Enissa is a girl who is beautiful inside and out. She is really insecure about herself and how she looks, she dates guys who don't treat her the way she should be treated, and that's because she is insecure and doesn't think she can get better than that. She puts up with stupid guys' crap. I've loved her for two years but I don't know how to say it, and I've messed up a lot with her, and it's too late because no doubt she's with a guy who doesn't care about her again. If you meet an Enissa and she isn't dating some douche bag like she usually is, then you should get to know her and make her yours as soon as you can. I regret that I didn't, and I know if she ever read this, she wouldn't believe it was me who wrote it. I love her. Enissa if you read this I Love You.
I have loved Enissa for two years, but I didn't know how to tell her, and I'm sorry.
by brack19 February 07, 2010
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Enissa is a beautiful person inside and out...thank you. Enissa has wasted her time on plenty of "douche bags" who didn't deserve her time of day. Enissa had low self-esteem?? well who wants to admit that...well she will.
Enissa doesn't know who wrote the previous definition and wishes she knew...whoever you are, you got it half right. Sounds like someone to love back. Enissa wishes she could.
Enissa truly is a beautiful woman inside and out!!
by orkashark August 24, 2011
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