During morning sex, John Stewart stands over a woman and 1) pinches off two hot crumpets on her chest and then 2) gives her a cup of tea by pissing on her while whistling "God Bless America".
"Now hold still, Ann Coulter, because I, John Stewart, am about to drop a loaf on your shriveled up skankboobs for a lovely English Breakfast. Gooood Bless Americaaaaaa!!!"
by NotJohnStewart December 3, 2013
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To wake a chick up first thing in the morning by taking a dump on her face
Last Saturday I gave my girlfriend and English Breakfast. She isn't my girlfriend anymore
by Dan Rich February 18, 2006
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When a British girl gives you a blowjob --- she sucks your sausage and beans (cock and balls).
"That burd Moira gave me an English breakfast"
"She made you breakfast in bed?"
"No, ya wanker! She sucked my willy!"
by LVW October 6, 2019
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1. A hot breakfast, distinct from a continental breakfast, which does not include cooked foods.

2. Sometimes English Breakfast is used as code to describe hot sex in the morning.
3. A booty-call that occurs first thing in the morning.
4. A hard-core gang-bang involving eggs and sausage.
I had a hot English Breakfast with you-know-who this morning. The hotel room had the odor of an English Muffin afterward.
by Chestnut + Hazel April 16, 2019
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An English Breakfast is performed during sex after a night of binge drinking and eating greasy take-away food. While your partner is performing oral sex or tossing your salad, you uncontrollably blast a juice-laden fart in their mouth.
I must have eaten a bad doner kebab because I English Breakfast'd Sally last night while she was going to town on my dungerhole.
by Chubbs Rambone July 27, 2011
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When a man defecates on his testicles and then completes a routine teabag. While the teabag reference is prevalent it also lends to the myth of why the English have such crappy teeth.
i think im going to wake up my loved one with a nice English breakfast
by Kaiser2000 May 23, 2008
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When your having sex with a women, and you pour cofee or tea into her vagina, and start to drink it out.
Lewise G: What are you doing!?
by TheOneSagat June 1, 2007
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