A woman like you've never met before, usually the girl that most men see in their dreams. She has long black hair with magnificent brown eyes, a smile that will brighten up your day. She is also a goddess and is one of the prettiest girls to walk this planet. She loves all sports and can drink a beer and eat wings like a beast. If you meet an enge your jaw will drop and you won't make any sense but they are used to that so dont be embaressed. Laughter and love is the key to an enges heart. Basically the perfect woman.
adam - man I just want a cute girl who I could sit back and watch the lakers, eat wings, and drink a beer with.
john - you want an enge!
by BLACKMAMBA27 April 11, 2011
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England, or of England.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 19, 2004
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I hate how this is so messed up on here. so heres the REAL definition.

"Eng" is a chinese surname that means "five" in chinese. But that doesn't mean you call your chinese friend "five". not cool, yo.
person 1: whats his/her last name?
person 2: Eng.
person 1: how do you pronounce that?
person 2: eng, like english?
person 1: oohhh. thats easy. i thought it was like ang, like that nick show, aang.
person 2: uhhh. no. don't say that(x
by correctingmorons August 17, 2011
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is a beautiful girl who is original, funny, beautiful, crazy and smiling but she can also be calm, gentle, reserved while remaining interesting. she is a feminist who has very good taste in music and who reads a lot of books. she adores fashion, literature, she writes a lot of poems but she would like to have friends with whom she could go out and enjoy her life. she is always happy but she often hides her feelings, she feels lonely. not a lot of people like her because she is so different from others that people are afraid of her but it makes her laugh. she is difficult to understand and moody but deep down she is adorable, she does not easily give her confidence to people but she is always there for others when it is she who suffers the most.
by only4cool.girlz December 28, 2022
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Shorthand for engineer. Used in on-line fps-games.
The axis have too many engs.
by farside April 15, 2005
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Someone that is from China.
That kid is such an Eng.
by Anonomous2007 April 28, 2008
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Either a person from England... or a Fat Bitch, Pirate Hooker, Sastress who has had a "Revelation" and realized THE GAME HAS CHANGED
by Favorite December 22, 2005
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