Someone who could die at any moment, especially when dangerous people are around.
Don't shoot him down, he is an endangered species.
by Solid Mantis March 5, 2021
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A unique person. Have a unique personality; blushed in front the people she love.
She is endang \('-')/
by miss_blank December 29, 2017
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A lie that is about to be exposed for what it is- 'bullshit'.
John led us all to believe his lie that he was rich but his bullshit lies are an endangered feces once the Repo Man shows up to repossess his Mercedes, and the Bank forecloses on his home.
by Poop Stain Barney April 13, 2011
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The slightly tangy, gamey taste present in the flesh of endangered animals, which lends a delicious and subtle flavor to the meat.

Found in endangered species of all varieties, including sea turtle, giant panda, mountain gorilla, rhinoceros, condor, and river catfish.
Frank: "Does anybody want any more catfish?"

Charlie: "Yo dude, definitely give me another one of those. They're delicious! And you can taste that sort of endangered tang."
by squizz222 November 29, 2011
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Toxic people, people who are so full of shit, that their actions will damage the ozone, the environment and destroy democracy if given power. Corporations that don't have solutions for oil spills.
Dick Cheney lacks a heartbeat b/c he is an endangered feces. Doctors have to jumpstart his humanity.
by prinmare July 16, 2010
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they're an animation meme creator and their characters are pretty hot
Person 1 : u like animation memes, right?
by tegishot March 20, 2022
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It means HENTAI; (H)elping (E)ndangered (N)igerian (T)igers (A)t (I)reland
Bob: Man, I love Helping Endangered Nigerian Tigers At Ireland!
Rob: You just like watching hentai and jerking off, don't you Bob?
Bob: Yeah...
by omgdragonz July 3, 2015
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