Synonymous with "end of the line," this phrase can denote the literal end of a road or path, or figuratively express a situation where one can no longer progress forward.
College sports are the end of the road for many talented athletes.
by 🐺 April 1, 2022
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When a well endowed man hits the cervix during sex; he's got to the end of the road.
My dick's so big I'm always gettin to the end of the road
by the_bosshog February 28, 2011
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This slang phrase, as a free translation from Hebrew, is used to describe a great and wonderful thing.
Most common to be used by teens these days.
1: Have you been to the big party last week?
2: Sure. It was totally end of the road!
by Kobi Bentata March 13, 2005
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Comes from Hebrew (Sof Ha'Derekh) Even though it sounds negative, it's actually very positive. It expresses the feeling after having an excellent experience of any sort. You use this expression to intensify telling stories to your friends just to make sure they understand that your experience is/was way beyond good, great or even excellent, saying it cannot possibly get any better then that. It also defines something extremely beautiful. In general it intensifies the word "Best".
someone: how was the party last night?
you: End of road!
she: so how do I look?
He: End of the road!
by Sharon Toledano July 28, 2005
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The best.

The road to exellence ends here.
"This pizza is end of the road".

(the road to exellent pizza does not continue past this point).
by Ori Liel March 13, 2005
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this phrase, comes originally from the hebrew phrase "sof haderech", means "something great";
either it's a fun video game, a tasty cake, a good price or an amazing trip.

when i say "the end of the road" i mean "it's a great thing and you should try it!"
helena: so...did you like the defenition of this phrase?

nathan: yeah, i think it's the end of the road...
by netaya July 31, 2005
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A group of evil females who live at the end of the road.

To engage in naughty behavior on innocent people who haven't been corrupted by smutty fanfiction.
"Then these bad girls showed up and took me to their evil lair"

To the bad girls at the end of the road, being bad never felt so good.
by Crazy Word Bitch September 16, 2009
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