An algorithm used to scramble data which makes it unreadable to everyone except the recipient. This is often used by e-commerce sites to secure credit card data. Secure sites use encryption.
The eDonkey p2p program is NOT protected with much encryption.
by Larstait November 12, 2003
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To describe a person that is confusing or difficult to work out or understand.
If a young gentleman is dating a lady that is playing games or isn't straight forward with him. 'This girl I hooked up with is 'encrypted' bruv!'
by Yoshimoshi January 23, 2015
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The theory popularized by time-travel researcher Nicholas Meyler, that information from the Future, frequently about disasters, is often embedded or encrypted subtly (see "steganography") into artworks like music, or literature, as possible warnings, to avert damage.
The FBI could have used the encryptment thesis to deduce the September 11 attacks before they happened, but, instead, obstructed justice.
by Nicholas Meyler April 29, 2003
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South Park's hilarious send-up of bullshit fictional hacking in movies.

Kyle Broflowski can't log onto a message board, but is able to break through the access code by "rewriting the encryptions". He achieves this by typing furiously until the screen reads "Access Granted".
Kyle: Dammit, they've got an access code! I'll rewrite the encryptions!
(types furiously for 5 seconds)
Got it!
(Cartman and Stan look at him incredulously)
by Quaff March 8, 2011
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A private search engine that doesn't track its users' information
Person 1: I hate Google following me around the internet with ads everywhere.
Person 2: Use a private search engine, like Search Encrypt!
by Search Privacy Expert February 1, 2018
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Search Encrypt is a search engine that doesn't track your information. It avoids the dreaded "filter bubble" effect that is associated with algorithmic websites like Facebook and Google. It uses SSL and AES-256 encryption to offer users perfect forward secrecy.
Person 1: Are you tired of having your Google searches follow you around the web and showing up in your Facebook feed as ads?
Person 2: If you use a private search engine, like Search Encrypt, this won't happen.
by Search Privacy Expert February 1, 2018
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