Translated from Spanish, literally means, 'on fire'. It's what you call anyone or anything that is awesome.
Did you see Adrian Gonzales at bat last night? That boy was en fuego!
by darth-lemur September 5, 2011
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Literally 'on fire' in spanish.

A term applied to a hot girl/guy meaning that they are tappable.

A term applied to someone owning another person or doing something amazing.
Man! Did you see that chick? She is en fuego!


Did you see that guy who pelted Nick Griffin in the face? He was en fuego!
by lanky-jack November 2, 2009
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When the need for a cold beer bottle resting in your crotch has to be satisfied.
Scott sought relief with bottle of "The Poet" for his cojones en el fuego...
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Hot Mess to the tenth power
En Fuego is 10x worse than Hot
Disater is 10x worse than Mess
Keller was an En Fuego Disater at Lark Fest
by MRRJR September 27, 2010
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