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The sound teenage wankmonsters make at the point of climax.
*fap* *fap* *fap*

Zade: "Goo-"

Zade's mother: "What's going on?!"

Zade: "Nothing! *Eeeeeeee-"

Zade's mother: "What's that noise?"

Zade: "What noise? *Eeeeeeeeeeeeey!"

Zade's mother: "Did you just gooey!!?"

*Awkward silence*
by lanky-jack November 2, 2009
Being really tired/wrecked after a night of self abuse. Most typically characterised by club casualties on the comedown.
Did you see Sammi this morning? She was fuckin' zzzonked!
by lanky-jack November 2, 2009
The bunching of material around the genital area, (in men OR women) usually when wearing especially tight trousers or a safety harness. Could be described as the male version of a camel toe in men that happen to be favourably equipped.
Rob: "Dude! That harness is giving you MAJOR man baggage!"
Matt: "Yeah, (he begins to abseil) well they don't call me 'Nessie' for nothing!"
by lanky-jack July 26, 2009
Literally 'on fire' in spanish.

A term applied to a hot girl/guy meaning that they are tappable.

A term applied to someone owning another person or doing something amazing.
Man! Did you see that chick? She is en fuego!


Did you see that guy who pelted Nick Griffin in the face? He was en fuego!
by lanky-jack November 2, 2009