Noun - The state of being when masturbation has occurred so much that the person has run out of semen/fluid.
John fell in love with Meghan, despite her personality. He pleasured himself to the extent where he had an empty tank.
by Buckster7002 July 1, 2011
When a male gets rid of blue balls and feels light on their feet
"Springer is looking good at practice today."
"He must have emptied the tank on some chick."
emptying the tank- getting ride of blue balls
by gamexmohawk March 22, 2015
When said by a woman, to urinate.
I'm gonna go empty my ballast tank.
by K. Isaacson April 15, 2007
The feeling when your stomach is empty and you're hungry
Cade: What're we doing at Whataburger?

Hound: Tank's empty, bro. Need to refuel with a burger and spicy ketchup.
by KnightofNerdom June 19, 2019