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the phraze used to describe the recent emo movement in america. Emo-lution is personified by individual males wearing female pants, and write sappy song about their girlfriend dumping them. These songs are ten sung by another or the sme malein a whiney high-pitched voice with detuned guitars and un-rythmic durms.
Sean has joined the Emoluton
by Alaster fucking adams February 25, 2004
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A word to define the recent overpopulation of emo kids. Emo plus Pollution, hence, Emolution. Use of this word generally signifies a great dislike (or jealousy) of the emo population.
"Ugh, I almost can't see through the Emolution - it's worse than the LA smog."

"Johnny, what type of pollution do you think is worst?"
"Water pollution."
"Air pollution."
by DollfaceSodapop April 18, 2006
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when jack and max went to downtown,they realised that the Emolution has affected a big part of the teenagers.
by Crabman =] July 10, 2008
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