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Emmylou is a reserved person, until you become friends with her. She is very outgoing and goofy with her friends, always making them laugh. All of her friend's are very lucky to have her in their lives and don't want to let her go. Emmylou is creative and athletic. She may play multiple sports or excel in music. She thinks outside the box and always comes up with new ideas which she holds on to. She is very intelligent and will not change her mind once she is stuck on an idea. Sometimes Emmylou can be a little stubborn and headstrong which can be good or bad. Emmylou is a bad ass and always is a little extra and rebellious. Emmylou is a very beautiful girl with deep blue eyes and very pretty hair. Many boys are attracted to her.
"Lets's pull an Emmylou!" I need a little more excitement right now.
by anonymous user 4 March 20, 2018
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An American badass. A legend among Gypsy souls. Her light shines bright and if someone dims it, prepare yourself as she will come for you and brings hell with her.
When life gets you down, hold your head up high and Emmylou on.
by Soul shiner December 22, 2016
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