White rapper that became the golden standard in rap. Artist of the decade 2000-2009: has sold over 75,000,000 albums. New album "Recovery" expected to be his true comeback to rap. 'Recovery' in stores June 22, 2010
Eminem's verse in song:
<insert perfect word flow here>
by davilan May 24, 2010
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The Hottest fucking rapper alive
OMG did you see Eminem in his video ASS like that? he is soo hott
by parosnsm June 21, 2005
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Biggest mother fucking dip shit in the music industry. This piece of shit can't rap to save his bitch ass. He wishes he could be one thousandth as talented as the greatest Horrorcore group of all time Insane Clown Posse. The only way his ass could have became famous is if he let Dr. Dre, who is not talented either, let him fuck him in the ass.
Damn, Eminem is such a bitch.
by JuggaloWhoopWhoop! March 18, 2011
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No doubt one of the greatest rappers ever. People think hes trash because hes white but listen to his songs. Hes not like these black rappers (not racist) that sing about drugs and money. Since hes white of course he has to actually rap real music! Modern rappers just talk slow and have NO SKILL! Just because they can hold their crotch and say swag in every sentance dosnt meen there good.
bob: Did u hear that new eminem song?

Typical white person: NOOO he sucks hes garbage! Chris brown ftw!
by MuffinGarbage October 23, 2009
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One of the greatest rappers EVER , second only to 2Pac. He's just himself and isn't a fake poseur like some rappers (I.e Game, Vanilla Ice, Rick Ross, Bow wow). His lyrical content is often violent and is stupid funny. He is the funniest rapper EVER. Marshall Mathers LP is one of the best CD's I've ever owned and still gets frequent spins despite it being nearly 10 years old. Too bad his new album sukx =(
Example 1:

Boy: Hey, babe have u heard "Kim" by Eminem?? It's sooo fucking funny.. Not only that but it really inspires and motivates me, u knw?

Girl: what? Inspires and motivates u how?? Its about him commiting homicide isn't it?

Boy: I just hope u never cheat..

Girl: ........

Boy: yeah...

Example 2:

Me: oh la la Eminem sure is one sexy dood..

My gay friend: I know....when I was 12 I would fantasize about him while I masturbated...

Me:.... :-/

My gay friend: I used to imagine him raping me..

Me: ........

My gay friend: All this dirty talk is turning me on. I think I'll go listen to his cd and rub one out

Me: o.O
by IHateYouXoXo May 09, 2009
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