3 different motives of rappers combined into one person.

Eminem: Raps about fictional events that could happen.

Slim Shady: Raps that are fun to listen to and diss pop stars.

Marshal Mathers: Raps about his life as a dad and a husband.
Eminem/Slim Shady/Marshall Mathers:
Eminem Raps:
-Love the Way you lie ft Rihanna
-Space Bound
-Stan ft Dido
-No Love ft lil wayne
-3 a.m.
Slim Shady Raps:
-Just Lose It
-We Made You
-The Real Slim Shady
Marshal Mathers Raps:
-Cleanin' out my closet
-When I'm Gone
-Like Toy Soldiers
by Thad Badassle September 8, 2011
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The most talented rapper and the most handsome man on earth.My biggest source of inspiration.He deserves admiration and respect.
The MC with the highest level of skills/
who spits a sentence that verbally kills
by Isabelle Esling December 27, 2003
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A great rapper, who has changed hip-hop forever. He was born 17 October 1972. He was brought up in Detroit and his Mom did something bad to him I think...I don't know, I haven't got all of his albums...Anyway, yeah, he's a good rapper. Cares about his daughter, Hailie. He'd probably have a better reputation on this site if most of his fans didn't type like complete and utter RETARDS and didn't just like him because they thought he was hot. Come on, you mindless teeny boppers! Like him for his talent, not because he's attractive!

Me: Grow up, you moronic bastard, and stop typing like a retard.

Eminem/Slim Shady/Marshall Mathers
by Charlotte.. February 3, 2007
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Maybe the best rapper ever. Despite being white, (in songs like "White America" and other places, a question is raised as to whether this may be BECAUSE of, instead of DESPITE being white) Eminem has sold more than any other hip-hop artist ever. He started off poor in Detroit, and released two Albums to no real breakout success - "Infinity" and "The Slim Shady EP". Then he was discovered by Dr. Dre, and soon released "The Slim Shady LP" under a actual record label - a first for him. He has since gone on to sell over 80 million with subsequent "The Marshal Mathers LP", "The Eminem Show", and "Encore", among other side projects. There was a movie based on his early life, 8 Mile.
Eminem may not have had an impact on the formation of today's rap like 2pac did, but when all is said and done, he's probably changed it more.
by J. March 20, 2005
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The HOTTEST man on the face of the earth. He has talent, sense of humor, and his daughter is his world. All guys should study up on him, take notes BOYS, this is a REAL MAN
by Christina November 9, 2003
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