Emily is the most amazing and beautiful of all girls.Usually tall, blonde, funny, shy and out-going.She loves having inside jokes with others.Emily is usually an amazing girlfriend,She's known to be addictive and she always has a few haters that end up being her friends.She's a lover,not a fighter.For sure the most amazing girl i've ever met and i hope i never have to loose her.
Emily is an amazing girlfriend,i hope i never loose her.
by W@lker#C@nnibal September 30, 2010
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Emily... these are the girls you see but don't always notice. They are sometimes the annoying ones you have never gotten the chance to want to know. The loud ones, the irritating ones, the completely insane ones. Why want to know one? Because Emilys are amazing. They are protective, ditsy, and utterly HILARIOUS. Once you meet an Emily you will never forget her. She can always make you laugh but is always there when you need to cry. No one could ask for a better weirdo. And no weirdo could ever be better.
Emily is my best friend, and I will always love her.
by ThePixelPixie514 January 31, 2015
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a beautiful species of human. when encountered you imediatly fall in love with her unbelievable looks. always surrounded by friends and smiling even when people try to bring her down.
Guy 1: I met this girl today she was so beautifull
Guy2: Oh! That must of been Emily !
by BoyWhosNeverNoticed. April 20, 2010
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Emily is the greatest best friend a person can have,she funny sweet and nice.
Oh look its Emily.
by Ivan Yantis February 22, 2010
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Shes the most amazing girl in the universe. shes my best friend and i could never live without her. i can tell her everything and she always listens to me. Shes really chill and down to earth. shes absolutely gorgeous. we have so many inside jokes. GINA! hahahaha i love her soo much more than my life.
emily looks like gina, they're both gorgeous
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A very large, muscular black man who delivers papers
Did you see how BUFF and AFRICAN that guy was?!?! He is a total Emily!
by Jameegl February 19, 2011
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