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She is a beautiful, strong, and outgoing friend who will always have your back. Through rough times she will always be there for you. She is beautiful both inside and out. She is reliable and you can talk to her about anything.
Emely is the most trustworthy person on the planet!
by Kasedy_98 January 23, 2017
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Emely is the most coolest,funniest,lit,beautiful girl anyone will ever met. She will have your back like no other. She will fall love with a friend who was there for her. She is someone who you want to have in ur life.
Emely is the most beautiful and happiest girl u will ever met
by Emma colton July 24, 2017
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The most funniest person ever she is cool funny and crazy she is the one person you would want to hangout with..
That girl emely is soo lit
by Liliili January 11, 2017
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Emely is hauntingly beautiful. She is the sort of girl that inspires the romantic within us all. She is the girl songs are written about, the girl you find yourself writing poems for, in a haze at 4 in the morning, and in the back of your mind wondering what the hell happened to your masculinity. Objectively, she is out of your league (which you are) and yet every part of her seems to scream, 'talk to me, know me, love me'. The idea of another guy touching her sends you into a murderous rage (and it really does) and the idea of someone breaking her spirit simply breaks your heart. Falling for her can be intense and overwhelming, you fall hard and you fall fast (which i did) but she can melt even the most stoical of hearts so don't attempt to fight it (i didnt). Missing her is agony (which i do every second that i am not with her) No man could ever love her more than me (they really cannot), though I am sure many will try.
Emely loves you no matter what and you do the same, she puts up when you have those moments, you always have the most perfect time with her, you love not only her but her family. She's funny, caring, considerate, down to earth, BEAUTIFUL, amazing smile and eyes that you would die to have! You can be yourself and not be judged. You can be weird together and you love her with all your heart. <3

I will not say she is perfect cause she is not, but matched with a Jon they make an unbreakable bond, "a PERFECT couple"
Emely you are truly the most amazing girl ive ever met. I have no idea what i would do without you.
by chiefsmlb50 January 07, 2013
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She is beautiful outgoing and someone you can rely on if you ever want a friend you can count on get yourself an Emely she is honest even when you wish she wasn’t completely she is strong willed and is always ready for a challenge she is someone incredible and your lucky to meet an emely so when you do make sure your not on their bad side because she can be a bitch if you mess with her but she will always be there for you if your her friend no one better mess with her because she know how to deal with it and the other person won’t like it all in all emelys are incredible people they are passionate in what they believe so don’t get in their way all to say emelys are bad asses
Oh yeah that’s Emely she’s the best and her and she has the cutest couple.
by Someone unique June 19, 2018
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A word used to describe the coolest, pimpest, frickin best friend in the whole damn world
"She has always been here for me. Shes such an Emely"
by karisa January 02, 2005
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The best frend u could ever have... the REALEST!.. she may be a really dark mexican but she has the lightest heart.. .. the one i can talk to ... the one who i can knock out .. lmao.. but mostly the one that knows most my secrets... and the one i can always count on even thugh shes kinda slow... I LOVE HER!!
Emely Torres
by the realest360 January 08, 2011
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