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The act of holding responsibility for an object, movement, organization or other certain things, yet selectively and selfishly ignoring said responsibility in favour of their own profit or of their own interest.
"I swear this guy is such a strong believer in emanism, just look at him on his golden throne giving no fucks to anyone else."

"I literally didn't get paid because of my boss' emanism."
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by rachneru February 23, 2018
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A religion with three main gods, where the earth is the scripture and Bonobo chimps are worshipped beings
Peasant: Dude, what the hell's Emanism?

Glorified one: It means you're less significant than a monkey, you're living on a book and if you don't join, you will reborn as a dandelion
by Glorified one June 14, 2011
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The religion of the shiny people. Anybody can be an emanist, as long as they're shiny. Emanism bases it's beliefs on having a high respect, admiration and love for one's self, while maintaining a love for others, especially other emanists. Emanism has no clear God, just the worship of self.
guy 1: hey, i'm thinking of converting to emanism, what you think?

guy 2: yeah man do it! i'm am emanist, and i've felt better about myself ever since. i love me!
by emancorpse August 05, 2009
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