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A unique funny girl who spends a shitload of time finding funny stuff on the internet for us all to enjoy : big Harry Potter fan
Hey, did you see that Elyssia? She's so fuckin awsome!
by Elyssia'sAmiga March 08, 2010
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Elyssia is a a girl at college that is sat next to me doing her work on the computer , she has brown hair , brown eyes , blue nail varnish , jogger and a green t-shirt on , if found please bring to lost property :D
Bean Stain elyssia
by Moniique ov jpc November 24, 2009
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latin for MOIST! Elyssia is saltier than the dead sea. Very inappropriate all the time.
Did you see that Elyssia girl, she's so Elyssia she's saltier than the dead sea
by Betoven675 May 26, 2016
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