A euphemism for male ejaculate. So named because of the similarities between semen and elmer's glue.
John: Dude, I took this bitch to kindergarten last night.
Matt: Huh?
John: I put my elmer's glue in her mouth.
Matt: Nice.

(In the bedroom)
Tim: This is just like a 2nd grade art project.
Nancy: What are you talking about?
Tim: I spread you out, moved you around, tore you up, now I'm about to finish you off with some elmer's glue and you'll probably get some in your hair.
Nancy: Yummy.
by bryri February 27, 2010
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elemers glue is the adhesive-like substance commonly found on poorly cared for motel bedspreads, between the pages of your fathers pornographic magazines, or on the keyboard of an intense gamer. it is usually white and hard and difficult to clean. when combined with a Slug Trail it will transform into Elmers Mayo
isabelle: ew adrian what is that on your keyboard
adrian: sorry i was up late studying last night and got bored
isabelle: your elmers glue made the shift key stick down and now the popup for sticky keys wont go away!
by Mr. and Mrs. the shit June 22, 2006
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the most powerful adhesive on the market, applicable to any substance and will create an instant bond. Elmers glue is the most powerful adhesive on the market due to its composition of 100% bull sperm.
Coby: Man i cant seem to bond my kitten calendar to my wall, it won't stay up there...
Me: Oh dude just slap some elmers glue on that bitch, it works every time.
by Scoopy J January 5, 2012
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elmer's, glue, paste. slang term for weed because of its stickiness.
"Damn man, we out of elmer's glue"
by james c-n August 20, 2006
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Pasty white girls who would willingly cut off their limbs for attention or a chance to be saved by a guy resembling someone like tyrese or ginuwine
"Their goes Katie and her elmer's clique...rubbin up on Antoine, Tavius, and Leshaun"

"Do you think that EG girl's cast is real?"
"Hell naw, lets go kick her"
by anonymous April 19, 2005
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noun- refers to an empty 4oz bottle of Elmer's Glue that is filled with clean urine and placed in one's hidey-hole and used, often repeatedly, to receive a clean urine test at the clinic.
Clean junkie: Hey there fuck-nose. You look all fucked up and shit. How are you ever gonna pass a surprise piss test at the clinic?
Sue the Dirty Junkie: Hey. Know what? Maryanne's gonna give me some clean piss in an Elmer's Glue bottle. I'll put it in my hidey-hole. They'll never know! Fuck em!
by Ned Ludd August 2, 2005
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A glue that is particularily useful in classroom situations and art crafts. It is geard towards younger children because of its ability to be washed off a surface it does not belong. Teenagers also have discovered its ability to be "too good".
Man that Elmer's Washable Glue. It's just too good!
by DiscoveriesInROP March 27, 2016
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