Those flimsy-wrist texters who carelessly toss ellipses into conversations try to make their dull and unemotional response sound dramatic and usually text only out of habit. The Ellipses texter typically does not give two frigid shits about how they sound.

The use of Ellipses comes in handy mid-text when the texter-backer fails to think up a good response, hesitates and generally forgets what the fuck he was going to say.
Text from friend: "Man, I just got dishonorably discharged from ROTC for failing that drug test."

Assfactory: "Bro......what? are you.................................................................................................what?"
(the Ellipses kid said, as he browsed the 2 for a dollar movies at Family Video that everyone has seen so many times that once and a while they rent again just to remember why they are 2 for a dollar)
by pynch-on January 18, 2012
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When writing I indicate a long pause in dialogue with ellipses.
by Hlalakar June 28, 2020
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Ellipse is a name used in South East Asian cultures to describe well-endowed men. It's a term of endearment in Thailand and Indonesia.
"Wow, the guy sitting there has an Ellipse - I can't stop looking at it"
by Briangreegers January 12, 2023
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-Getting "cumshot" in the face by an inordinate amount of semen
Bro #1:"Dude, I was banging this bitch last night and I turned her over and just ellipsed her!"
Bro #2: "Breh, nice one!"
by Hornster February 8, 2011
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When you have an awkward moment with someone, and instead of saying "dot dot dot", like you would use in a text message, you call this moment an ellipses moment.
When a douche bag walked in the room, we all felt awkward and declared it was an ellipses moment.
by awkwardmomentsftw April 12, 2011
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Ellipse Media is an agency founded in 2009, in Bucharest, and provide complex services, tailored according to the needs and particularities of each client. This agency specializes in the creation of professional websites, graphic design, communication and development, and also graphics processing, desktop publishing professional for any type of work, for printing, and remarked with a unique identity, a style that inspires trust and force.
Ellipse Media
by Cristian Dumitru August 11, 2009
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