little stupid bitch that likes to talk shit about people that she doesn’t even talk to. She’s a small ginger that thinks she knows everything. they will talk behind your back and over all isn’t a good person
chloe: hey she’s an ellie

me: she 100% is
by girrlllllll April 09, 2019
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Ellie is the type of girl you want to keep for the rest of your life a Ellie is a funny,cute smart girl who is normally taller then her friends and always wants her friends to be happy even if she is not happy she will always be by your side when your down or if your going through rough times in your life she will always be there for you.
Girl one- whi was that funny cute girl?!
Girl two - oh you must’ve met Ellie!
by Ava Horton January 01, 2019
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A gamer and Twitch streamer that ear rapes you with screams yet you still watch her
Person 1:"Did you Watch Ellie's stream Last Night"

Person 2: "Yes she screamed so loudly in her"

Person 1: "Ya But I still loved her stream"
by RevoltGaming October 17, 2020
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She’s the type of gal who will have a new man every month or even every week. Gets jealous ridiculously easily and does not use it to benefit anyone else but herself. She will put someone else down at any cause just to make herself feel better. She is so selfish.

However if you are friends with a gal named Ellie you do you no hard feelings
Person 1: hey Ellie’s having a motive, u going?
Person2: well I dunno
by Nvgctb May 07, 2020
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Ellie is a very short, sporty and incredibly smart girl. She enjoys being annoying to others and sarcastic. When talking to adults she is sweet but around friends she is a demon. Ellie is a dedicated and good piano player. She always gets high grades in school. She is and introvert and likes to work independently and would rather study than socialise. Hates hugs and won’t share food. Will probably become an accountant. Often her close friends are called Sofia, Zara, Emily, Georgie, Regina and Ana.
Ellie: OMG there is a maths test coming up!
Zara: You’ll be fine, your already doing four years ahead.
by Regi the cheese June 15, 2021
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