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Ellianna can be spelled many ways. Eliana. Elliana. Elianna. And so on. This way however, is very unique. Just like Ellianna. Ellianna is very beautiful and can get any guy she wants. She is very smart. Ellianna is an amazing singer, but she doesn't know it. She shuts herself down and says bad things about herself when she is the complete opposite. She's funny, skinny, and beautiful. She is the most kind hearted girl you have ever met. She has gone through some challenges in her life, I mean who hasn't?! But these challenges have both tore her down and built her up again. She is extremely honest. Wouldn't tell a lie even if it were to save her life. She only believes in honesty. I mean, honesty is the best policy, right? Ellianna hasn't had many boyfriends. She likes to be single, but sometimes wonders if she will end up Forever Alone. Ellianna is calm and kind hearted and if you get the chance to have her, don't let her slip away. Or she's gone forever.
Boy: who's that?
Girl: that's my best friend Ellianna
Boy: man I want a girl like that!
Girl: too bad. Shes off limits.
by MrsHemmo July 12, 2015
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A beautiful woman who relies on her religion and friendship of a close friend to guide her and be there with her through everything. she's the strongest and most independent woman you'll ever know. Immediately be-friend this amazing girl. You'll never want to not know one.
Girl: " Man, I love my best friend Ellianna, she's the best!

Boy: "dude ellianna is so hot, I'm going to get her digits"
by Pseudonymsgalore April 11, 2015
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