Elizabeth's are overall the best women out there. They always seem to be smart, funny, exceptionally beautiful, happy, someone who when she enters the room everyone will notice her. Some Elizabeth's may come from a "bad house" or were raised with one not so great parent but if they get past this they can overcome anything! Elizabeth's are the greatest friends possible they will support you when needed, worry for you when things aren't alright, and will always make you smile. Elizabeth's make the best of Bae's because they will always be there for you, to check how your life is, and to assist you in anyway possible. Elizabeth's will often have scars on her legs because of how daring and open to challenges and new things. Elizabeth's will often not have many friends, because she is far too hot for any girl to not be jealous of her, her main choice in friends is males because they aren't jealous of her. Elizabeth's will always be getting put down by girls so actually listen to what she has to say and try to help in anyway possibles even if you can do nothing she will thank you for it an love you more. She may have trust problems but after chatting for about two years she'll be an open book. Elizabeth's are short with big boobs not the biggest butt, but a nice looking booty none the less they also have beautiful hair. She may be an elegant woman but don't let that misdirect you! She's still a goof and a nerd some show it others will burry it down.
"Elizabeth is so hot! Holly damn!"

"She's such a bitch! How does she look better than me!!!"
by Mad memes bro March 22, 2016
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Irrespective of her flaws and imperfections, she is the most perfect human and she deserves all the love in the world.A graceful girl whose kind words and angelic looks are able to soften the hardest hearts and tempt the most innocent of souls. Her enamouring looks and charming personality will leave you in awe. She has the most intriguing, mysterious brown eyes you've ever seen. A very confident and passionate girl who people find intimidating and arrogant, but she's not, she's quite the opposite. Full of life and passion, doesn't get discouraged during trying times and finds good in everything. You can lock eyes with Elizabeth from across the room and share the same thought. You'd be blessed to have Elizabeth as a friend or otherwise because she doesn't ask for anything. She appreciated the little things you do for her. Elizabeth is a loyal friend who will always have your back.
I miss Elizabeth, I haven't seen her in a while, that explains why I've been feeling down lately.
by spiritualsoul October 22, 2017
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This name was given to the most beautiful girl in the world. She has an amazing smile and a breathtaking set of eyes. She is a kind, intelligent, unique, interesting and an unbelievably gorgeous girl. Elizabeth is the girl that you would go to the other side of the world for. Elizabeth will always make you smile and will make you feel like the luckiest person in the world. Just seeing her is enough to make you happy.

Elizabeth has made a huge difference in my life.
by .fam. December 20, 2016
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The most loving and caring girl in the world you couldn't ask for a better girlfriend she's like an angle that came down from heaven willing to help people in need. And one day you will whish you had the balls to kiss her as her face looks priceless and her eyes are like they were made by angles as the sprakle in the light where her self a steam shines.
Elizabeth is used in a sentence to describe the meaning of beautiful and sexy
by Elizibeth April 10, 2017
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A girl that is sweet as 3.14 (Pi)!
Small and cute, but can be bossy and stubborn some times.
So smart and sharp like a blade
Because she has a very high GPA.
Very adorable and tiny
Just like a penny....
Just kidding about the penny
Because she is very pretty!
A kiss from her will make you live longer
And a hug from her will make you look younger
O! It's Elizabeth! So cute!
by "O" Asian boy June 5, 2013
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A Elizabeth is a a very passionate, enthusiastic, sweet, innocent, happy, fun, beautiful girl. She is caring and is always there for all her friends. She is so adorable and cute and is so easy to talk to and is always great to share a laugh with! An Elizabeth is the ultimate woman. Elegantly beautiful with energy that attracts all personalities. She possesses the ability to analyze the nature of others' personalities, as well as, her own. This deep reflection and her directness provides her with the characteristics of a loyal friend and lover. Elizabeth is also a name for the sexiest, most gorgeous, amazing, and the most beautiful girl in the world with the best body ever. This girl is the sweetest and has the best personality, is absolutely stunning, and is the best at sex. Every guy should date a Elizabeth.
by beautifulgirlsonly November 6, 2013
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