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A odd but unique name given to someone that follows a dream.
Man, That guy is such a elim, He sings, plays guitar AND wants to be a business man!
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by minimidgetasianwithminimumwage September 04, 2017
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Elim is short for the largely popular game for the ipod touch/iphone gaming platform, Eliminate Pro. This game is free and features online multiplayer. This game is almost like a free version of halo for the ipod touch/iphone platform.
"hey dude lets go play some elim."
by Nightmerex December 28, 2009
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A scrony little devil that sucks the life out of daily life.he enjoys playing video games in class and is very bad at lieing about it.he takes drugs daily because he has mentle issues wich results in his hair falling out.he thinks he has friends but it's all in his head . Overall an annoying dude
(Elim messes up)
Everyone: "eeeeeeeeeeelim!"
by Let look du tere June 20, 2018
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Short for elimination. It is used for when you kill another player in a video game. Commonly used in the context Battle Royale video games, most notably Fortnite.
I just got two Elims in Tilted Towers just now
by FipTard December 05, 2018
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