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A girl who is awesome and amazing. A eliciana is usually super chill and is the always the life of the party. They usually have the most gorgeous smile and pretty much everything else is also gorgeous. They can be sassy sometimes but when they are they look hot as hell. If you ever meet a eliciana make sure to make them either your ride or die, bestie, or your girlfriend.
Dude #1: DAMN look at that girl over there. She is fine as hell and just look at that's perfect

Dude #2: her name's eliciana
Dude #3: stop staring at my girlfriend. I know she's hot but don't stare too long.
by Anastasia1902873645 July 25, 2015
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Eliciana is a fucking gorgeous, funny, and smart girl. She’s loyal and has an amazing personality. A Eliciana would be the type of friend you want in your life. She may be heartbroken or whatever but she’s know how to help herself and she is good at trying to help you too. She knows how to keep herself up and her friends. She’s so beautiful that it’s blinding.😍🤪
Damn Issa Eliciana😛
by Sarah cotton May 29, 2018
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