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A girl with the name Elicia is a smart and independent girl. She takes no shit from no one. She has a strong heart and a strong mind. She also has one of the kindest hearts there is. She may seem like she doesn’t have a kind heart but trust me she does.
“Did you see that girl over there

“Damn her name must be Elicia”
by Elicia❤️ January 03, 2018
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Elicia is the most beautiful girl that you will ever see. Elicia is loyal, kind, gorgeous, and brave. Elicia has very little self asteem, actually she will argue over any compliments. Elicia's are great romantic partners but usually think the other person doesn't love them. Many people adore and love her but she is not interested. They are also very funny and entertaining. They are also Great kisser may I add.

Basically the love of your life.
"Did you see that girl over there damn that must be Elicia."
by DDLC is life January 17, 2018
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A beautiful young girl who is very smart a favorite of many and has a lot of friends she is supportive and may find some boys very funny
1boy:bro I just made elicia laugh
by C8bsxibsicbsubc October 20, 2018
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a name referring to a beautiful,classy,elegant,loveable,cute magical goddess. Anyone with this name is rare and amazing.
basically a badass mothafucka:)
"Hey did you see that amazing girl over there? Her name must be Elicia."
by anonoymous person February 09, 2009
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Elicia is a girl who has learnt much from her past self destructive behaviour. Not many understand her so she continues to find solace in art and her own company. Elicia is making positive changes and she hopes that the person who brings true moral warmth to her life will read this.
Damn, Elicia wishes you were here.
by ♥️Elicia February 15, 2018
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